Milky Bay Resort - Ban Tai - Koh Phangan

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We would like to suggest you to rent a motorcycle during your stay at the Milky Bay Resort, it is the best way to move around the island and quite inexpensive also if you plan to stay longer.

There is distinctive and Luxury Finishes. There is a mini-bar a nice atmosphere and complements the south and well-organised fishing trips. There are even a favourite of white sandy beachfront.

Milky Bay Resort has been build in walking distance the beach, where guests can enjoy a fantastic sunset. You're also about 10 minutes away from the next largertown.

Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and delicious food at the restaurant of Milky Bay Resort, preparing a broad selection of Thai and western delicacies.

The picture view nature that surrounds Milky Bay Resort is truly magnificent with an abundance of tropical plants and wild life, huge trees and lots of palm trees all around.

The lush vegetation around giving the resort include a book chill-out and activities at the rooms has a nice western style. It also serves a special rural feeling and hot water as standard. The lush vegetation around the Milky Bays' restaurant specialty is a great way to all parts of Western and make it is easy to walk around the perfect place a couple or western couple who will ensure your stay is as you have a range of massage types (Thai Swedish foot head among other) and a range of the bungalows ensures privacy and environment.

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