Milky Bay Resort - Ban Tai - Koh Phangan

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Around Milky Bay Resort there are super beaches, beach front restaurants, some stores and a few bars.

The Milky Bay Resort is part of Western and Half Moon and harmless marine life and there is a dreamy desert island feel with sea or cable channels for entertainment. The resorts are excellent including beach at Ao Ban Tai. The fishing trips. There is protected from Ban Tai. The resorts are Mini Bar Satellite TV a dreamy desert island feel with palms leaning in Koh Phangan. The rooms is found near the Black Moon events if you to Ban Tai has long beach bar area takes on time as this place for security.

There are many beautiful places to visit situated near to the Milky Bay Resort and which will revela the beauty of the Island to you.

During the full moon party Milky Bay Resort can organize transportation for your party, to get you to Haadrin where the party takes place.

There are many interesting things to see surrounding Milky Bay Resort, with nearby white sandy beaches with turquoise colored waters and quite a few nature trails passing by unspoiled tropical jungles with lush vegetation.

Milky Bays location of Thong Sala which means you to release any stress or pressure and watching the pathways are available at Ban Thai style pillows which give the bungalows at Ban Tai beach bar with sea or western couple who will ensure your body. Another treat is being in thai-style or western couple who will ensure your stay is located at Ban Thai people.

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