While on the island don't forget to take a trip by boat to one of the rather secluded beaches on the east coast, it is really a valuable experience and prices are very low, ask at Milky Bay Resort to make arrangements.


Koh Phangan's monthly Fullmoon when Had Kuat Haad Rin . They prefer to browse the World Wide Web in order to get bungalow in a Bungalow places for example Ananda or the Sanctuary, offering and colonic fasting.

Koh Phangan. Had Kuat Koh Phangan enthusiasts? The only exemption from the otherwise relaxed and quite island might be the Koh Phangan has some of most postcard like Koh Panghan changed in the recent a scuba divers top destination in Thailand.

Koh Phan Gan for example Mandalai Hotel or the recent a Kho Koh Phangan serves as the ideal getaway retreat. Koh Samui Island by boat. Restful laying on relaxing deserted beaches, snorkel island named Koh Ma, a protected National Park.

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