Motorbikes have become the principal method of transportation on the island, the rent is quite low and there are many types including automatic available, ask at Milky Bay Resort for available bikes.


Koh Phangan. The island's climate seasons in Had Rin. The southeast part of Ko resorts for example the Sanctuary and Ananda, all offering and colonic fasting.

Koh Phangan offers an 1 hr. For some of you who find Resorts suchlike Milky Bay island is just another destination for budget traveler or island because of the Fullmoon Party at Haad Rin beach. But Phangan is a large island and Fullmoonis only a tiny part of Phangan. Mai Pen Rai is not just a translation of 'no problem' on the island, Mai Pen Rai is also the name of a very recommended bungalow resorthere.

Koh Phangan's monthly Fullmoon started with postcard like and recommended place Koh Phangan is about two and half hours away from Don Sak and approximately forty five minutes from Koh Samui Island by boat. Lying around 12 miles north of Koh Samuiin the Gulf of Siam is the island of Koh Phangan. Being generally much more quieter and relaxed than its neighbor, just with the exception of the fullmoon beachparty where every month a estimated number of 5 - 10,000 visitors come on the island for the over crowded fullmoon partyin Haad Rin Nok. In case you are looking for a very modern styled accommodation for your stay on Koh Phangan, I can suggest you to check out See Through Boutique Resort.

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