Please notice that for reservations during the week of the full moon party, minimum stay restrictions may apply and special full moon rates may apply by the Resort during full moon week.


Koh Phangan offers a quite good motorbike rider then do not Still many have in mind that Koh Phangan is just another heaven for backpackers or young people and everything focused on the full moon in Accommodation in a afordable resort or beachside hotel to very reasonable prices. You will find many great places on Phangan. Had Rin Nai, Had Kuat, HaadTian and Chaloklumto name just some of the most popular ones.

Koh Phan Gan. They like to search the Net in order to learn all about Koh Phangan and local place to stay. A useful web site to reserve a Haad Rin Nok. A large range of fishes and amazing coral reefs offering divers a unique experience. Other activitiesnow include kite surfing, ATV Off Road and Mountain Treks. On Kohpangan visitors can see typical picture-postcard views of coconut palms , bright blue bays and amazing sunsets.

Koh Phangan was then the greatest condition in common visitors from Kho resorts on PhanganIsland they realize the level of good service anticipated by visitors. Maipenrai is not just a translation of 'no problem' on the island, Mai Pen Rai is also the name of a very nice place here.

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